Classic Mystique PUR, Forest FX PUR, Mystique PUR and Prestige PUR

The Polyflor PUR range of products incorporates a polyurethane reinforcement, which protects the floorcovering by resisting soiling and scuffing. Combined with the superior closed surface finish, this enhanced protection allows the use of a polish-free maintenance and overall cleaning costs are significantly reduced. The following maintenance instructions are designed to maximise the benifits of the PUR, resulting in lower maintenance costs, without compromising the long-term appearance of your floorcovering.
Initial Construction Clean

Remove all loose debris.

Ensure that all traces of adhesive are removed from the surface of the floorcovering.
Mop sweep or vacuum to remove dust and grit.
Damp mop with a natural detergent.
If required, dry buff with a 1000 rpm plus rotary machine fitted with a suitable clean pad.

Routine Maintenance

The following recommendations are provided as a guideline, and the frequencies can be changed to optimise the appearance.


Mop sweep or vacuum to remove dust and loose dirt.
If required, spot mop to remove stubborn marks with a neutral cleanser.


Assess the appearance of the floor. Undertake the following as required:
Light scuffing - dry buff with a 1000 rpm plus rotary machine fitted with a suitable clean pad.


Heavier scuffing - spray clean using a floor maintainer and 1000 rpm plus rotary machine fitted with a suitable clean pad.


  • Assess the appearance of the floor. If the floor has dirt build-up, machine scrub with a scrubber dryer (approx 165rpm) fitted with a suitable clean pad, using a neutral or alkaline detergent, as appropriate.
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Dry buff to restore finish.
  • The maintenance regime requires the installation of an effective barrier matting system.
  • Cleaners and detergents should be diluted as per the manufacturer' instructions.
  • Always follow the Health and Safety guidance provided, and dilute cleaners and detergents in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions.
  • Fit protective feet to tables and chair legs, to prevent scratching.
  • These maintenance instructions are intended for the PUR Range of floorcoverings, which have a polyurethane reinforcement. For other Polyflor products, reference should be made to their specific floorcare sheets.
  • NOTE: In most instances, the above maintenance regime will be sufficient to ensure your floorcovering retains the optimum appearance. However where there is no mechanical means of maintaining the floor or should you wish to provide extra protection in heavily trafficked areas, a metallised floor polish should be applied. Details of the procedure to be used can be found in the Polyflor Technical Information Manual. For a copy, or further information, contact Polyflor Customer Technical Support.